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Prepare your tastebuds for the flavour journey of your day by starting with a couple of perfectly seasoned entrées and cold dishes.   Also called ‘welcoming dishes’, these appetisers are sure to provide the perfect first impression, and features superior ingredients, fragrant tastes, crispiness, tenderness, bright colours, and the chef’s mastery of cutting and presentation skills.

E1 茄汁熏鱼   Smoked Grouper Fish   $12.80
Fried grouper fish fillets served in a special tomato-based sauce

E2 网红牛肉酥    Wok-Fried Diced Beef   $12.80
Wok-fried diced beef in sweet and spicy sauce

E3 川北凉粉    Sichuan Bean Noodles   $5.80
Sichuan bean noodles topped with fried peanuts in a spicy & sour sauce

E4 葱油鸡   Steamed Scallion Oil Chicken   $14.80
Steamed chicken thigh with okra in scallion oil sauce

E5 爽口萝卜皮   Pickled White Turnip   $6.80
Sliced pickled white turnip - perfect as a side dish to complement any meal 

E6 老成都红油鸡    Steamed Chicken Drumstick with Sichuan Peppercorn & Chilli Sauce   $9.80
Steamed chicken drumsticks with Sichuan peppercorns & chilli sauce    

E7 生拌时蔬   Seasonal Vegetable Salad   $9.80
Seasonal vegetable salad dressed in chilli oil, sesame oil and vinegar

Wok-Fried Diced Beef

Steamed Chicken Drumstick with Sichuan Peppercorn & Chilli Sauce 

Seasonal Vegetable Salad


An essential part of every healthy diet, we treat vegetables with the same respect as main dishes – flavours well balanced and cooked in a range of techniques to bring out the unique flavours and textures of each ingredient.

Hot Wok Cauliflower

V1 白灼时令蔬菜   Blanched Seasonal Vegetables   $14.80
Blanched seasonal vegetables with a drizzle of soy sauce

V2 干煸四季豆    Dry Stir-Fried Green Beans   $16.80
Stir-fried crunchy green string beans with beef mince, garlic and chilli. The dry-frying ensures a crispy texture, whilst using minimal cooking oil.

V3 鱼香茄子    Stir-Fried Eggplant   $14.80
Stir-fried eggplant with sweet chilli and Chinese vinegar

V4 手撕包菜     Spicy Sichuan Cabbage Stir-Fry   $19.80
Hand-shredded cabbage stir-fried with chilli

V5 干锅花菜    Hot Wok Cauliflower   $19.80
Dry-fried cauliflower and capsicum with a crispy and golden texture


All our main dishes feature the best of Sichuan cooking. With more than a dozen cooking methods, one ingredient can produce a spectrum of flavours and textures – try them all here at Taste of Sichuan. Delight in the toasty, fragrant effect achieved by dry-frying in a wok, or the crispiness of dehydrating meats or vegetables in hot oil, and the rich flavours of stir-frying dried ingredients in a dry wok before oil and seasonings are added. Also remember to try dry-braising (letting the sauce reduce so that the seasonings cling to the ingredients), water poaching (for superb tenderness) and smoked meats (uses tea leaves and camphor twigs for a unique flavour).

M1 金牌香酥肉   Signature Crispy Fried Pork Cubes   $19.80
Crispy fried pork cubes served balanced with a balsamic vinegar and mixed salad                       

M2 宫保鸡丁    Kung Pao Chicken   $18.50
Stir-fried diced chicken thighs with capsicum and onion topped with deep-fried crispy peanuts and dried chilli sauce - a classic Sichuan dish

M3 沸腾黑鱼片    Hot Chilli Oil Grouper Fish Fillets   $29.80
Grouper fish fillets with bean sprouts and cabbage in a hot chilli oil

M4 海鲜毛血旺    Grouper Fish Fillets with Blood Jelly   $32.00
Grouper fish fillets with Sichuan duck blood curd, prawns, scallops, sea cucumber and bean sprouts in spicy soup

M5 麻婆豆腐    Mapo 'Grandma' Tofu   $15.80
Stir-fried diced tofu with pork/beef mince in a chilli bean paste sauce - a must-have with rice

M6 辣翻天嫩牛柳    Chef’s Special Sichuan Boiled Beef   $23.80
Spicy tender beef slices with Sichuan spice, bean sprouts, asparagus and lettuce

M7 金沙锅巴虾球   Golden Fried Crumbed Prawns   $26.80
Deep-fried prawns crumbed with salted egg yolk and topped with rice crackers

M8 新派鱼香虾排    Stir-Fried Prawns   $22.00
Stir-fried Sichuan-style prawns with cucumber in a sweet chilli vinegar

M9 小馆鲜香脆舌    Chef's Special Spicy Beef Tongue   $26.80
Spicy beef tongue with bean sprout, asparagus and lettuce

醬炒鮮蝦扇貝   Wok-Fried Prawns/Scallop   $25.80
Stir-fried prawn/scallop, capsicum, onion and peanuts with chilli sauce

四川生煎包   Sichuan-Style San Choy Bao   $16.80
Fresh lettuce cups filled with stir-fried pork mince and chilli
(4 lettuce cups per serve)

M10 果味脆皮鱼花   Deep Fried Crispy Whole Grouper Fish   $20.80
Deep-fried whole grouper fish served with a sweet and sour pineapple, lemon, capsicum and tomato sauce

M11 鸿运坛子肉   $38.80
Fried pork belly, fried chicken thigh, fried pork balls, sea cucumber, fried quail eggs and mushrooms in a fragrant chicken stock

M12 板栗红烧肉   Sichuan Red Braised Pork Belly   $22.00
Braised tender pork belly with chestnuts in a special brown sauce

M13 黑椒和牛粒   Wok-Fried Black Pepper Wagyu Beef   $28.50
Flash-fried diced wagyu beef in a rich black pepper sauce with crushed chilli peppers

M14 孜香烤羊腿    Roast Lamb Leg   $29.50
Roast leg of lamb with stir-fried onion, capsicum and mixed cumin spice

M15 上汤时令蔬菜   Seasonal Vegetables in Soup   $16.80
Seasonal vegetables with salted egg yolk, mushroom, garlic and century egg in a stock-based soup

Kung Pao Chicken

Wok-Fried Hot Pot

Food tastes best shared – a fundamental aspect to Chinese dining – and our Wok-Fried combos for two are designed for just that. Share delicious and comforting food filled with a variety of add-ins, all cooked to perfection in the highly esteemed searing heat known as the ‘breath of the wok’.

WX1 白米饭1碗   Regular Rice Bowl   $2.00
Boiled white rice

WX2 瓦罐饭 1锅   Clay Pot Rice   $4.80
Fragrant rice cooked in clay pot

W1 素食主义组合    Wok-Fried Veggie Spicy Combo   $19.80
Vegetarian combo of potato, agaric mushroom, cauliflower, cabbage, enoki mushroom, onion, and celery
1. 不辣 2. 小辣 3. 大辣   Choose:  1. Non-Spicy, 2. Mild, 3 Hot

W2 两荤三素组合    Wok-Fried Meat & Veggie Combo   $22.80
Chicken thigh and spam combo with potato, tofu skin, cauliflower, onion and celery
1. 不辣 2. 小辣 3. 大辣   Choose:  1. Non-Spicy, 2. Mild, 3 Hot

W3 无肉不欢组合   Wok-Fried Meat Lovers Combo   $25.80
Tender beef, spam and chicken thigh combo with fish balls, quail eggs, onion and celery
1. 不辣 2. 小辣 3. 大辣   Choose:  1. Non-Spicy, 2. Mild, 3 Hot

Fried Rice & Noodles

Many Sichuan “small eats” have their roots in the province’s 19th and 20th Century street food culture. Discover the famous ‘Dan Dan Mian’, a noodle dish topped with minced meat with pickled vegetables, chillies and peppercorn, and the endless varieties of other noodle and rice dishes we have to offer.

F1 四川炒饭   Sichuan Fried Rice   $12.80
Sichuan-style fried rice with pickle sprout, beef mince and egg with homemade chilli sauce  

F2 海鲜炒饭/面   Seafood Fried Rice/Noodles   $15.80
Wok fried prawn, scallop, snakehead fish fillet, green bean, diced carrot and shallot in premium seafood soy sauce with choice of fried rice or noodles  

F3 重庆小面    Chongqing Spicy Noodles   $12.80
Handmade noodles in traditional spicy sauce with beef mince, tuber mustard and chilli

F4 四川担担面    Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles   $12.80
Traditional handmade dan dan noodles in spicy sauce topped with beef mince, Sichuan pepper and chilli oil

F5 香菇炖鸡面   Chicken & Mushroom Noodles    $12.80
Handmade noodles in chicken and shiitake mushroom  

F6 红烧牛肉面    Braised Beef Noodles   $12.80
Handmade noodles with braised beef tendons, bamboo and chilli

Kong Bao Chicken Fried Rice   $14.80

new dish   $13.80
Wok-fried handmade noodles in premium soy sauce with your choice of beef, chicken or vegetables

new dish   $12.80
Fried rice with minced pork & pickled cowpeas

new dish   $15.80
Wok-fried Jasmine rice with diced wagyu beef, onion, shallots and spring onions

new dish   $15.80
Shredded roast duck with wok-fried handmade noodles or Jasmine rice in Sichuan sauce

new dish   $12.80
Wok-fried chicken/beef/vegetables with Jasmine rice

Dim Sims

Our Dim Sims, featuring Sichuan influences, bring classic Yum Cha classics to a new level. Feast your way through over 6 different types of dumplings, and discover your new favourite.

S1 钟水饺6个    Zhong Dumpling (6 Pieces)   $7.80
Boiled pork dumplings in a special sweet chilli soup

S2 红油抄手6个    Wontons in Red Chilli Sauce (6 Pieces)   $7.80
Pork and shallot wontons served in a flavourful red chilli sauce

S3 猪肉白菜水饺8个   Cabbage & Pork Dumplings (8 Pieces)   $9.80
Boiled dumplings hand-filled with pork mince and Chinese cabbage

S4 牛肉水饺8个   Beef Dumplings (8 Pieces)   $9.80
Boiled dumplings hand-filled with beef mince, celery and chives 

S5 流沙芝麻球6个   Fried Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball (6 Pieces)   $9.80   

S6 黑糯米糍粑10个   Fried Black Glutinous Rice Cake   $10.80
Fried black glutinous rice cake topped with roasted soybean flour and brown sugar syrup, 10 pack  

new dish   $5.80
Spring roll with sweet balsamic vinegar  

new dish   $13.80
Prawn wontons , bok choy with handmade noodles in a chicken soup  

S7 清汤虾馄饨6个   Prawn Wontons 6 Pack   $8.80   


Finish off your flavour adventure on a sweet note - while also giving your body a healthy boost! Featuring nourishing ingredients such as highly nutritious black rice, red adzuki beans, hawthorn fruit and yoghurt, you can indulge guilt-free!

T1 童年冰粉   Childhood Raindrop Cake   $6.80
Handmade traditional raindrop cake topped with sweet red bean, hawthorn fruit, raisin, rainbow jelly and osmanthus sugar syrup

T2 紫米酸奶   Black Rice Yoghurt Pudding   $6.80
Soft and chewy black sticky rice accompanied with the tartness of yoghurt - a light, delicious and healthy dessert

Childhood Raindrop Cake


D1 可乐   Coke   $3.00

D2 芬达   Fanta   $3.00

D3 雪碧   Sprite   $3.00

D4 酸梅汤   Plum Juice   $3.80

D5 王老吉   Wong Lo Kat   $3.80

D6 自带酒水   BYO   $2.00

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